Gaskin builders can guarantee a fixed price for a fixed piece of work.

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Quotes are produced only after a free on-site consultation. This will establish the scope of the project and identify any risks that may be associated.

All the resultant information is entered into a sophisticated estimating tool which calculates a precise value for the work and materials involved.

The tool holds up to date information on material costs along with timescale and labour details for all aspects of a project.

Many hours have been spent collecting and arranging the pricing and quantitive information about builds.

Not only this, but also, after every job is completed the tool's parameters are modified to reflect the current reality.

Consequently our quotes get more accurate the more projects we complete.

We are now at the stage where we can guarantee a fixed price for a known piece of work.
We are recommended by Norfolk Post and Beam and also Torque Scaffolding.


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